About US 本會簡介

Chinese American Parents and Students Association (CAPSA) was founded in 1988 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to help new immigrants and other needy families in adjusting to America. Since its founding, CAPSA has grown to over 250 members now. CAPSA programs and services include:

  • Tutoring program — with over 250 participants;
  • Cultural displays — in local libraries and schools;
  • Cultural decoration — at Rockville Civic Center;
  • Chinese paper cutting — supporting local events, e.g. Chinese New Year and Early Childhood Education;
  • Workshops for parents —covering parenting and educational topics; and
  • Participation in MCPS advisory committees — ESOL/Bilingual Advisory Committee and Grading & Reporting Implementation Team.

華裔家長學生協會於一九八八年成立,是屬於 501(c)(3) 的非營利組織,以幫助新移民及其他有需要幫助的家庭適應美國社會。自成立以來,本會服務逐漸增長,會員現已達二佰伍十餘人。協會服務和方案包括:
  • 課業輔導 — 參與者超過二佰伍十人;
  • 文化展示 — 於郡內多間公立圖書館和學校;
  • 文化裝飾 — 在 Rockville社區中心;
  • 中國剪紙 — 支持社區活動,例如: 農曆新年及幼兒教育促進活動;
  • 家長座談會 — 涵蓋多項與父母和教育有關的主題;
  • 參與蒙郡公立學校諮詢委員會 — 母語非英語/双語 方案部諮詢委員會和考試評分及報告執行小組。

Click here for CAPSA By-Laws (本會會章) .