Community Staff


    Zhendong Chen


For information or to volunteer please contact Mr. Zhendong Chen at (301) 686-4237 or

Community Activities 社區活動

The committee for community affairs actively promotes CAPSA's missions to:
  1. Promote cross-cultural understanding in Montgomery County
  2. Mobilize and utilize resources to enhance the multi-cultural environment in MCPS and Montgomery County
  1. 在蒙哥馬利郡內,促進跨文化的理解。
  2. 運用本會資源,提倡並加強郡內和公立學校內多元文化的環境。

Its activities serve to spread knowledge of Chinese culture through informational and decorative displays in local libraries and public schools as well as simple Chinese paper cutting events hosted at local venues.
Additionally, the committee is responsible for other CAPSA special events and activities such as its annual Christmas & year end festivities and the information workshop geared towards parents.


社區事務組的活動 以傳播中華文化知 識為主,在郡內圖 書館和學校櫉窗裝 飾和陳設中華文化 和藝術品,並主辦 中國剪紙。 此外, 社區事務組還 負責主持本會的特 別節目和活動 ,例 如聖誕聯歡、學年 結業頒獎典禮與家 長為主一系列的 座談會。